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Business Insurance

As insurance professionals, we confidently uphold the important principle: “Losses of the few rest on the many.”  This mechanism has been around in commerce from time immemorial it is still true and applicable in our modern global world.

Therefore, Exodus business philosophy is to encourage their business partners to seek adequate business protection – why chance it when you can insure it!     


Shipping Insurance

Marine Cargo insurance typically provides cover for the goods whilst in transit within specified countries  Cover can be provided worldwide via any means of transport including the sea, air or on the road,  and whilst the goods are kept in a warehouse for a specified period.

Exodus will be pleased, not only to arrange your shipping insurance for your goods and your freight liability insurance.  We will also go the extra mile to show the differences between the traditional commercial covers and provide you with specialist protection whilst dealing with some of the marine insurance misconceptions.

Faith & Community Insurance

This class of insurance provides cover for most faith-based organisations including churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and various places of worship. Faith-based organisations have always played a leading role in human societies, encouraging good values and virtues required in every civilised community. In spite of the universal credit and “good works” by religious organisations, there currently few insurers in the UK market space with the risk appetite to provide insurance for faith-based activities and organisatons.

Most of these organisations are charitable and non-profitable bodies, depending on gifts, donations and tights as their sources of income.  The limited budget restricts their capability to set up their own robust risk management departments compared to other corporate entities.  As a result, we do all we can to select insurers with strong heritage, tradition and the empathy to understand the special risks underlying the running and management of churches, mosques, temples etc.


Other Insurances

We deal, advise and arrange insurance mainly for a wide range of small and medium enterprise (SME) trades and business organisations. This includes:

    • Transport
    • Factories
    • Care Homes
    • Retail and Wholesalers
    • Guest House & Hotels
    • Building & Allied Trades e.g. Decorators, Plumbers and Plasterers
    • Woodworkers e.g. Joiners and carpenters
    • Office & Home Workers – e.g. Architects, consultants and Surveyors
  • Computing and IT – programmers and software engineers

Your business is unique

As each business has a unique risk profile, we will be delighted to assess your business specific requirements before arranging a tailor-made insurance programme to suit your needs.  Risk assessment may involve completion of a risk inquiry form, site survey and completion of risk improvement requirements.  An insurer with a sound financial and security rating will be selected to provide you with comprehensive or wider cover, this may include the following (as per your business requirements):

    • Cyber and Crime Insurance
    • Public Liability Insurance
    • Legal Expenses Insurance
    • Business Interruption Cover
    • Professional Liability Insurance
    • Employers’ Liability Insurance
    • Stock Insurance
    • Material Damage Cover
    • Theft Insurance
    • Money Insurance
    • Personal Accident & Illness
    • Motor Insurance
    • Engineering Inspection Insurance
    • Contractors All Risks
    • Goods In Transit
  • Marine Insurance

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