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Business Insurance

As insurance professionals, we confidently uphold the important principle: “Losses of the few rest on the many.”  This mechanism has been around in commerce from time immemorial it is still true and applicable in our modern global world.


Therefore, Exodus business philosophy is to encourage their business partners to seek adequate business protection – why chance it when you can insure it!     


Business insurance is an integral part of running any business, especially when the owner has invested a substantial capital in the business and does not want to be his “own insurer”.  More so, regulatory requirements and contractual conditions compel businesses to provide specific covers and assurance for both their trading partners and even third parties before certain commercial transactions can properly take place.


For example, employers are required to effect Employers’ Liability (EL) insurance for their employees during the duration of the employment contracts.  Failing to do so will result the employer incurring a penalty, a fine or serving a prison sentences for certain health and safety breaches.


Business owners enjoy the right to make profits, however, these rights come with numerous trade obligations.  To provide the necessary peace of mind, we can also arrange Professional Indemnity (PI), Public Liability (PL) and Product Liability Insurances for our business partners against negligence and other legal breaches against customers and third-party injuries, damages and losses incurred.

Apart from the above specific covers, we go the extra mile to ensure that each business process is assessed and specific covers tailored in line with our brand promise:

" Everything we think, say and offer our business partners and customers is aligned to our values of competence, nurturing business relationships and integrity – our anchor to deliver our brand promise of protection and peace of mind. "

Our relationship with each of our business partners has been nurtured for a long period and we are confident to provide our customers with professional advice whilst leaving them in the capable hands of selected insurers.  This means that customers can focus the rest of their resources on their business whilst insurers take over the control and risk management of the business.

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