About us

Exodus is a commercial insurance broker. We advise and arrange insurance for a wide range of business organizations. From start-ups to small and medium enterprise businesses, we are passionate about all that we do and see our clients as partners. Our dedication and excellent client service means you are only ever a call away from us. Exodus is a member of the prestigious Momentum Solutions Group and also a member of the British Insurance Brokers Association (BIBA), so our service is guaranteed.

When you choose Exodus, you don’t just buy insurance, you choose a partner. We understand your business is unique and an important part of your life, and so we treat it with the care and passion it deserves. Our purpose is to help and support you by arranging tailor-made insurance cover which will protect you from misfortunes and disasters and to provide you with the peace of mind you need to focus on the challenges ahead.

Our Approach

We encourage and help you to build and maintain the right risk management culture. How do we achieve this?

  1. An initial conversation helps us to understand the purpose, processes, data and management behind your hard earned capital.
  2. Following our initial conversation, a competitive insurance quotation will be obtained, in line with your business exposures and provided by FCA authorized and regulated insurers with a strong financial standing.
  3. To be able to provide full financial protection, we obtain additional information for insurers to assess and control the risk, through improvement requirements

How we help our clients

  • Claims Services – the overriding aim of insurers is to protect and prevent losses from occurring in the first place. However, with the best will in the world, losses will happen and when they occur you can rest assured that our selected insurers will be ready to put you in your financial position before the loss, with a smile!
  • Momentum- ’Our relationship with Momentum Broker Solutions provides invaluable access to insurer markets and broking capability, enabling us to compete on a national level. We have access to more than 200 insurers, including local, London and Lloyds markets. Between ARIA and Momentum, we have over 50 staff focussed on supporting our clients.
  • Loyalty to you- Our loyalty to you and your business is treasured more at the claims stage when you need us most. To ensure your claim is handled quickly, we will always advise you to contact insurers directly as soon as the loss occurs.  As a broker we have a dual role (both for customers and insurers), but we always look after our clients well.